Tealia Tea

Each box contains 20 pyramid tea bags (biodegradable) 40g.


Conjuring images of terraced emerald slopes and colonial bungalows, Governor Grey was named after the British gentleman in 1806 whose Royal tastes were sublimely refined. Made from the finest Ceylon tea and enhanced with natural bergamot oil this blend merits the highest standing for all time.


This exceptional brew marries the flavour of juicy, luscious peach with fiery ginger and the finest Ceylon Black Tea, interrupted by the sweet scent of vanilla to form a taste like no other. Go ahead and indulge your senses. Take a sip and let the day slip away.


Pure Ceylon Tea is simply the best tea in the world. In 1867, the British sailed the seven seas searching for the perfect tea growing conditions. They chose the tropical island known as Ceylon.

To this day, these same tea bushes are skillfully groomed on fertile rolling hills in the centre of the island, where crisp clean air abound. Two leaves and a bud are nimbly hand plucked and naturally processed assuring the best brew possible.

This time when you sip your tea, take a moment to savour the subtle flavours and imagine the leaf, the bud and the journey they made to find your pallet.