Florist Choice: Wild Garden Bouquet or Waterbox


Are you looking for a gift for a keen gardener?

Maybe someone who used to have a garden, but no longer does?

This gorgeous selection of flowers will awaken all the senses and memories of a garden full of flowers, it will look as though the flowers have just been freshly picked, unstructured, wild and free.

You can choose whether it is wrapped in paper, or placed into water in a Waterbox, either way, the wrap will be recyclable, and minimal, so therefore also good for the environment

Choosing between Bouquet and Waterbox:
A bouquet is ideal for those who have their own vase, just re-cut the stems, add the sachet of flower food provided and enjoy.
A waterbox (cardboard box with plastic lining, acting like a vase) is perfect when vases are unavailable or limited ie. hospitals or bereavements. Their convenience makes them no fuss, just top up every few days, flower food is already added.


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