Nationwide Lockdown Number 2

With only a few hours notice, we found out on our drive home on Tuesday the 17th August, 2021, that we were going into our second Nationwide Level 4 lockdown at midnight for three days. In New Zealand this means that from midnight we are all asked to stay home, and stay away from other people except those in our "bubble".

At "Flowers by Tanya" we had just received a shipment of two boxes of plants, we had a shop full of flowers, which arrive on Tuesdays, and we had orders and funeral work to do. However unfortunately we are closed until Saturday at this stage.

We had one case in Auckland of the Delta variant of Covid 19. However after a day in Lockdown at home, the cases are already 10, with 70 busy sites of interest where the people with Covid (and infectious) have been, so the numbers are expected to swell to between 50 and 120 cases, at this stage.

We hope to be open again on Saturday, but it is a waiting game at this stage. I will keep you up to date as I know more.




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